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Tile Cleaning

By Lorna De Jesus


Tiles are commonly found in houses, buildings and comfort rooms. To the meticulous housekeepers and cleaners, cleaning the tiles can be challenging if not tiring. Tile Cleaning may be the most consuming housekeeping task at home. Removing the stains from tiles and filthy grout needs patience and planning as well. The best cleaning approach is to choose the right cleaning materials for the job as it takes more than physical scrubbing of the tiles. Typically, a successful tile cleaning task makes use of time, a good mop, detergent and reliable tile bleaches. There are also cleaning materials that are readily available in the house like baking soda and vinegar. These readily available cleaning materials are friendly to skin. The effectiveness of such cleaners depends on users’ experiences. And thanks to advances in science, the market offers more cleaning options nowadays. These cleaning materials do not require scrubbing. Some of them are sprayed on the surface and let it stay for a few minutes before rinsing with water. Such materials are very helpful and useful in our busy lives.


Grout Cleaning

By Lorna De Jesus

Grout cleaning is always a challenge to housekeepers and cleaners. Cleaning the grout is as important as cleaning the tiles itself.  Cleaning just the tiles and leaving the grout filthy defeats the purpose of achieving a tiled area pleasing to the eyes. And no matter how careful we are in using our tiled comfort rooms and areas, these places need regular cleaning up.  Lucky enough,  we have different ways much easier than traditional scrubbing. These options range from using the mop and cleaning materials to using equipments that do the job faster.  The choice depends on the need and the available time of the housekeepers and cleaners. Some traditional cleaners may stick to the available materials at home and use all their strength in getting rid of the filthy grout. Some may find mop, detergents and bleach effective and economical. Others feel that they can be more productive using the cleaning equipments. Such equipments automate the tedious scrubbing of the grout. These equipments are usually operated  using electricity.  There are lots of ways achieving clean grouts. The choice is up to you.







Tile Cleaning

By Lorna De Jesus


Tile cleaning is a heroic act if you will ask the traditional housekeepers and cleaners. It’s not just a tedious task of scrubbing all those sticky dirt but it takes a lot of patience to remove the stains. Though we have many cleaning materials available in the market, we have to consider those natural cleaning agents available in the house. Cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda do help in removing the stains and making it look cleaner. Some housekeepers find those natural cleaning agents readily available in the house more effective than those chemical-based cleaning agents. Using natural cleaning materials will surely save us money while having stain free tiles in our houses and facilities. For example, vinegar is said to be a good cleaning agent and stain remover for tiles. Aside from that benefit, it also remove bacteria and viruses effectively. While capitalizing on a cheaper option of natural cleaning agents, we are hitting another objective of making our tiles virus free at least for some time.


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No to RH Bill   Leave a comment

Natatawa ako sa commercial ng babaeng napapanood ko sa TV. Maganda sana sya pero palagay ko dahil lang sa mga cosmetics na nakalagay sa mukha nya. Katulad ng katwiran nya, mahilig sya sa synthetic, cosmetic, aesthetic at pagtatago ng katotohanan. Sya ang babaeng PRO RH Bill na nagpapayong uminom ng gamot ang mga kababaihan para humaba ang buhay. Hindi mo na kailangang maging isang medical doctor para maisip na ang katawan ng tao ay isang sistema o system. Kung maglalagay ka ng foreign object o mag-iintroduce ka ng isang component tulad ng gamot sa isang sistemang maayos at gumagana ay siguradong mababago ito at malamang na masira sa kalaunan. Dahil ang naintroduce na isang foreign substance o foreign object ay mababago at masisira ang normal function nito. Nasaan ang paghaba ng buhay sa pagsira ng normal na sistema ng katawan ng isang babae?

Isa pa sa nga “selling point” ng mga PRO RH Bill ay ang pagsugpo sa “maternal death”. Ang “maternal death” ay isang komplikasyon ng pagbubuntis at panganganak regardless kung may pre-natal ka o wala.

Paano mo ipapaliwanag ang 7 malulusog na anak ng aking Lola na ipinanganak lamang sa hilot at walang pre-natal checkup. Purong Batanguena ang aking Lola, gulay, prutas at mga bungang kahoy ang kinakain nya.

E paano naman ipapaliwanag ang nangyari sa bunso kong kapatid. Isa syang OFW. Nong sya ay magbuntis sa aking pamangking si Gorby, may mga pre-natal checkup sya at pinili nya ang isang mahusay na OB Gyne na mahal ang talent fee. Pila-pila ang pasyente ng doctor na ito, pagpapatunay lamang na maraming naniniwala sa kanyang kakayahan bilang isang doctor. Ngunit ang araw ng panganganak ng aking kapatid ay isang bangungot. Habang ipinanganganak nya si Gorby, nagkaroon siya ng bleeding na hindi malocate ng doctor. Kung ano-ano ang ginawa sa kanya,naubos na ang dugo nya at naideclare syang “clinically dead”. Nagdasal kami…maraming-marami…taimtim…nakiusap kami na bigyan pa sya ng pagkakataong mabuhay. Miracles do happen, sa huling attempt ng mga doctor para marevive sya…nabuhay sya. Sabi nya sa min nong ok na sya, nakakita na sya light, ng tunnel, nakita nya kaming hinihila namin sya pababa.

E ano naman ang nangyari sa daughter in law ni Vice President Binay? Alagang-alaga, may OB at ospital na one of the best sa Pinas pero namatay din sa panganganak.

Si Maria ang aking Lola, si Maria Lorelie ang aking kapatid at ang daughter in law in Vice President Binay ay pawang mga babae na may kanya-kanyang karanasan sa pagbubuntis. Karanasang hindi nabase sa gamot o galing ng syensya. Sila ay ilan lamang sa pagpapatunay na RH bill ay hindi sagot para maiwasan ang “maternal death”.

Hindi masosolve ng RH Bill ang maternal death dahil kahit magagaling na doctor o magaling na gamot ay di kayang pigilin ang kamatayan ng tao. Hindi rin masosolve ng RH Bill ang kahirapan dahil 1970s pa, may mga family planning programs na. Syam na taon ako ng makita ko sa poster ang salitang IUD at birth control pills. Natandaan ko ang terms na ito dahil mahilig ako magmemorize noong kabataan ko. E ano ba ang nangyari sa bayang pinagsamantalahan ng sarili nyang anak?

O kayo, mga kapwa ko babae, pababayaan nyo bang masira ang sistema ng katawang pinagkaloob sa atin ng Dyos?  NO to RH Bill





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Boost up your career with IT Certifications   Leave a comment

The first algorithm of Ada Lovelace in working for Babbage’s Analytical Engine made her the world’s first computer programmer. It gave birth to IT career which unlocked great and endless possibilities. Such potentials were transformed into concrete and beneficial solutions in today’s generation. Technological advancement on both hardware and software were in tremendous growth as disruptive innovations surfaced. Manual interventions were minimized if not abolished in the business world, from simple automation to the most sophisticated use of technology. The benefits of continuous growth in information technology improved not only business but also in the arena of healthcare, astronomy, aeronautics and in almost all undertakings.  Some of these technologies displayed artificial intelligence, robotics, natural user interface and more.

Earlier, IT Dept. or MIS Dept.  are represented by Computer Operators working with magnetic tapes, card readers and printouts from large printers. The IT environments are mostly from large machines or mainframe with terminals on the desks. From the time of mainframe evolved the personal computer, networking, LAN and WAN. Later, Internet, web programming and mobile applications have dominated the tasks of the It league.  The current technology in software development and architecture is far from the DOS based applications once we relied on. IT career has evolved into different specialties and sub specialties in the aspects of hardware, data communications, networking and software.  Gearing towards specialization, IT professionals faced challenges not just in technology updates but in keeping their skills competitive enough to land the best jobs the industry can offer.  With many IT professionals racing up to the ladder and the continuous and changing technology, a measure of how an IT professional can do the job has emerged. Hence, IT certifications based on specializations were implemented and encouraged. In software and programming, a certification based on specific technology is not just a prestige but validates what the IT professional is claiming as skill. And something that validates our worth in the workforce most of time promised a better compensation, promotion and a step up to the ladder.  In computer networks and system, a CISCO Professional can easily get a job in setting up a large scale IT Infrastructure which is both rewarding and challenging. A certified Oracle DBA has the confidence in claiming the skill and winning a rewarding DBA job. Certifications and preparing for it requires determination, effort and resources. Though getting IT certifications entails sacrifices, it is rewarding as these certifications serves as your license to claim skills in specific technology. Hiring managers and employers prefer certified IT pros especially in big and agile projects with huge salary offer. The IT certifications serve as edge against others who have not taken the challenge of being certified. And in the fast paced of Information Technology , certifications definitely boost up careers. Be certified now and level up your IT career.



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Just Do It   Leave a comment

Slowly But Surely

Though President Noy has to improve on his cadence in military ceremonies/parades, I believe that he is doing something good for our country. There is a level up in good governance if only to say that corruption was minimized. From the news, it was said that, “The Philippines is no longer the sick man of Asia” which means that there is an improvement in the country’s money matter. As we can observe on t.v., the government is focusing on tourism. The government also focus in agriculture, infrastructure to support agricultural programs and the good abilities of the Filipinos not just in speaking good English but by being superb in customer services. Have you realized that we have all these assets in the Philippines?  And we can use these assets in stepping up to progress. That’s what the government is doing….highlighting our strengths and trying hard for a good governance. Also, there is an effort to improve on discipline and  the support for a greener earth. What are we waiting for?……each of us must do what we can to support the government. In our small ways, slowly but surely, WE CAN…JUST BELIEVE and JUST DO IT! 



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Thank You Nanay   Leave a comment

One.Two.Three…I always count my blessings as I feel that I am very lucky. Blessed to survive a challenging  marriage. Blessed to have the best son. Blessed to meet my teachers especially my grade school teachers to whom I learned the beauty of learning. Blessed to be employed in  a multi-cultural environment. Blessed to have good IT collaborators and allies in my job. Blessed to find authentic friends whom I can depend on. Blessed to play with my nephews and nieces.Blessed to have siblings who can stand my temper with my good and not so good advices. Blessed to have a father who always helps me when I am stuck. And one of the biggest blessings of my life is having my nanay.

Nanay is not just my mom but a mom to all she meet in her life. She has this motherly instinct whom everyone is seeking …..And who is she?

My nanay was orphaned at the age of nine.Her mother died of Pneumonia while working very hard as a laundry woman. Her mom, my lola is a single parent left by her husband. They lived in the busy streets of Gagalangin, Tondo Manila. My nanay has a brother whom she was separated after the death of their mom. It was a heartbreaking event when her mother died and she was separated from her brother. That was the last time he saw him. She was adopted by a neighbor and her brother by a childless couple in Quezon City. She grew up in the streets of Tondo. She woke up very early to help her foster mother to sell fish in the market. She will always account the experience of selling fish and will tell me that “Mabait talaga ang Dyos. Araw araw ako naglalakad sa Tondo ng madaling araw pero di nya ako pinbayaang mapahamak sa daan”. Sure, I will never forget to nod and smile on her stories. Later, she got the chance to work for restaurants inside Central market. There she met my tatay. My tatay is good looking. He is an ice vendor in Central Market. They fell in love. When my nanay’s foster mother died, he whispered to my dad” Ikaw na ang bahala kay Lucy”, just before the last breath.  My tatay said “Opo”. True, to his promise, he married my nanay and started a family.My nanay’s journey continues. She gave  birth to a 6.6 pounds baby girl whom they named ” Ma. Lorna”. That’s me. The most difficult baby girl to take care of. Nanay’s next child was  a big baby boy at 9 pounds. He was named “Edilberto” .His baby boy was gifted with  a lot of grey matter inside the head. The next child was the her prettiest child and was named “Ma. Lorena”. The youngest was the bubbliest, a girl named “Ma.Lorelie”.  After giving birth to “Ma. Lorelie, my nanay got a miscarriage for supposedly a twin. My nanay has a colorful personality. She is very engaging and sociable. My nanay is a good cook. The reason why I never achieved a  vital statistic of 36-24-36. She feed us well and very frequent. Modesty aside, her cooking is comparable to the five star Filipino restaurants we have in the country. I remember her buying us the best pencil cases and bags for school. I got those nice magnetic pencil case who motivated me way back my grade school. She encourage us to attend “Katesismo” at the UST chapel every afternoon. She remind us about the importance of education and being responsible on our assignments.She fed us with lots of Magnolia Chocolait, Magnolia Fresh Milk and Kraft cheese. Shye never get tired of sharing words of wisdom  every now and then. The best words that I can remember and up to now is very vivid to my memory is her reminder about stealing. She used to tell us “Huwag na huwag kayo kukuha ng hindi inyo”. Magsasabi kapag may kailangan” Those words echoes in my mind up to now.Her words are simple, yet you can count her actions in difficult situations. One of the many instances I remember was when she offered her 10,000 savings for a chemotherapy of a neighbor. It was her last money but she did not hesitate to offer just to extend somebody’s life. She donates to charity regularly. Time flies so fast. And where is nanay now?

Nanay is 67 years old. She still has that happy disposition in life despite her challenging kidney problem. She still has charm that won many friends in her journey. She still has that unselfish disposition.She look a lot thinner than her old self but the charisma still shines through It is very unfortunate that she is having dialysis two times a week to clean up her blood. But as a strong woman as she is, you will never hear complains. Her face has still that authentic smile offered to everyone she meet.Difficulties are always replaced by her faith in God, her willingness to wait for God’s promise.

And as I reflect on how lucky I am to have a mom who is patient, loving,caring, hard working and God’s hand maid as always,I can’t help but smile.My nanay is someone I admire as she did well on the things I am short of. No words can come  close for the happiness and gratitude I felt for the nanay of my life. And my fervent wish, “May God extend her life more in abundance of His grace, in happiness despite of the illness and in deep connection with God.” To my nanay, my mom, my idol, my friend and dearest …..“I love you…Happy Mother’s Day!”

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Congratulations   Leave a comment

How time flies? It seems like yesterday when my son Aldrin was born. Fifteen years and two months had passed when I knocked at the hospital’s nursery room sensing that he can hear me. He did. He reacted.  The feeling was hard to describe. It’s close to “amazing,” “wonderful”, “happiness” and “miracle” but no word can exactly describe what I felt. Though giving birth is physically painful and challenging, it is the most rewarding experience a woman can experience. Before I gave birth,I remember reminding my doctor saying “Doc, ayaw ko mahiwa ang katawan ko. Please help me to make it by normal delivery.” True to her promise, my beautiful doctor helped me out. I remember , my legs were tied up as I unconsciously close them when I see delivery room nurses gather around me.I am hard headed, no one was able to perform an internal exam on me except my doctor. In God’s grace, I gave birth after twelve hours of labor pains by normal deliver. It’s a dream come true fifteen years ago.

The years of being a mother to Aldrin put meaning in my life. I can still remember my excitement when I witnessed his first step, his first word, his first reaction to the classical music and the  milestones of his childhood. The day he learned how to read his first word just before he turned three years old never fails to put a smile on my face. 

Just two days ago,he reached another milestone by graduating in high school. I was thankful, happy and a little bit frantic as he will be entering college at a young age. Aldrin had turned out to be taller and bigger than me but he will always be my baby. To Aldrin, “Congratulations anak! Remember to pray and work hard to follow your dreams. Just do it. God bless you and we love you.”

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The flickering light continues….

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