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Tile Cleaning

By Lorna De Jesus


Tiles are commonly found in houses, buildings and comfort rooms. To the meticulous housekeepers and cleaners, cleaning the tiles can be challenging if not tiring. Tile Cleaning may be the most consuming housekeeping task at home. Removing the stains from tiles and filthy grout needs patience and planning as well. The best cleaning approach is to choose the right cleaning materials for the job as it takes more than physical scrubbing of the tiles. Typically, a successful tile cleaning task makes use of time, a good mop, detergent and reliable tile bleaches. There are also cleaning materials that are readily available in the house like baking soda and vinegar. These readily available cleaning materials are friendly to skin. The effectiveness of such cleaners depends on users’ experiences. And thanks to advances in science, the market offers more cleaning options nowadays. These cleaning materials do not require scrubbing. Some of them are sprayed on the surface and let it stay for a few minutes before rinsing with water. Such materials are very helpful and useful in our busy lives.


Grout Cleaning

By Lorna De Jesus

Grout cleaning is always a challenge to housekeepers and cleaners. Cleaning the grout is as important as cleaning the tiles itself.  Cleaning just the tiles and leaving the grout filthy defeats the purpose of achieving a tiled area pleasing to the eyes. And no matter how careful we are in using our tiled comfort rooms and areas, these places need regular cleaning up.  Lucky enough,  we have different ways much easier than traditional scrubbing. These options range from using the mop and cleaning materials to using equipments that do the job faster.  The choice depends on the need and the available time of the housekeepers and cleaners. Some traditional cleaners may stick to the available materials at home and use all their strength in getting rid of the filthy grout. Some may find mop, detergents and bleach effective and economical. Others feel that they can be more productive using the cleaning equipments. Such equipments automate the tedious scrubbing of the grout. These equipments are usually operated  using electricity.  There are lots of ways achieving clean grouts. The choice is up to you.







Tile Cleaning

By Lorna De Jesus


Tile cleaning is a heroic act if you will ask the traditional housekeepers and cleaners. It’s not just a tedious task of scrubbing all those sticky dirt but it takes a lot of patience to remove the stains. Though we have many cleaning materials available in the market, we have to consider those natural cleaning agents available in the house. Cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda do help in removing the stains and making it look cleaner. Some housekeepers find those natural cleaning agents readily available in the house more effective than those chemical-based cleaning agents. Using natural cleaning materials will surely save us money while having stain free tiles in our houses and facilities. For example, vinegar is said to be a good cleaning agent and stain remover for tiles. Aside from that benefit, it also remove bacteria and viruses effectively. While capitalizing on a cheaper option of natural cleaning agents, we are hitting another objective of making our tiles virus free at least for some time.



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