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The first algorithm of Ada Lovelace in working for Babbage’s Analytical Engine made her the world’s first computer programmer. It gave birth to IT career which unlocked great and endless possibilities. Such potentials were transformed into concrete and beneficial solutions in today’s generation. Technological advancement on both hardware and software were in tremendous growth as disruptive innovations surfaced. Manual interventions were minimized if not abolished in the business world, from simple automation to the most sophisticated use of technology. The benefits of continuous growth in information technology improved not only business but also in the arena of healthcare, astronomy, aeronautics and in almost all undertakings.  Some of these technologies displayed artificial intelligence, robotics, natural user interface and more.

Earlier, IT Dept. or MIS Dept.  are represented by Computer Operators working with magnetic tapes, card readers and printouts from large printers. The IT environments are mostly from large machines or mainframe with terminals on the desks. From the time of mainframe evolved the personal computer, networking, LAN and WAN. Later, Internet, web programming and mobile applications have dominated the tasks of the It league.  The current technology in software development and architecture is far from the DOS based applications once we relied on. IT career has evolved into different specialties and sub specialties in the aspects of hardware, data communications, networking and software.  Gearing towards specialization, IT professionals faced challenges not just in technology updates but in keeping their skills competitive enough to land the best jobs the industry can offer.  With many IT professionals racing up to the ladder and the continuous and changing technology, a measure of how an IT professional can do the job has emerged. Hence, IT certifications based on specializations were implemented and encouraged. In software and programming, a certification based on specific technology is not just a prestige but validates what the IT professional is claiming as skill. And something that validates our worth in the workforce most of time promised a better compensation, promotion and a step up to the ladder.  In computer networks and system, a CISCO Professional can easily get a job in setting up a large scale IT Infrastructure which is both rewarding and challenging. A certified Oracle DBA has the confidence in claiming the skill and winning a rewarding DBA job. Certifications and preparing for it requires determination, effort and resources. Though getting IT certifications entails sacrifices, it is rewarding as these certifications serves as your license to claim skills in specific technology. Hiring managers and employers prefer certified IT pros especially in big and agile projects with huge salary offer. The IT certifications serve as edge against others who have not taken the challenge of being certified. And in the fast paced of Information Technology , certifications definitely boost up careers. Be certified now and level up your IT career.




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