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Slowly But Surely

Though President Noy has to improve on his cadence in military ceremonies/parades, I believe that he is doing something good for our country. There is a level up in good governance if only to say that corruption was minimized. From the news, it was said that, “The Philippines is no longer the sick man of Asia” which means that there is an improvement in the country’s money matter. As we can observe on t.v., the government is focusing on tourism. The government also focus in agriculture, infrastructure to support agricultural programs and the good abilities of the Filipinos not just in speaking good English but by being superb in customer services. Have you realized that we have all these assets in the Philippines?  And we can use these assets in stepping up to progress. That’s what the government is doing….highlighting our strengths and trying hard for a good governance. Also, there is an effort to improve on discipline and  the support for a greener earth. What are we waiting for?……each of us must do what we can to support the government. In our small ways, slowly but surely, WE CAN…JUST BELIEVE and JUST DO IT! 




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