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One.Two.Three…I always count my blessings as I feel that I am very lucky. Blessed to survive a challenging  marriage. Blessed to have the best son. Blessed to meet my teachers especially my grade school teachers to whom I learned the beauty of learning. Blessed to be employed in  a multi-cultural environment. Blessed to have good IT collaborators and allies in my job. Blessed to find authentic friends whom I can depend on. Blessed to play with my nephews and nieces.Blessed to have siblings who can stand my temper with my good and not so good advices. Blessed to have a father who always helps me when I am stuck. And one of the biggest blessings of my life is having my nanay.

Nanay is not just my mom but a mom to all she meet in her life. She has this motherly instinct whom everyone is seeking …..And who is she?

My nanay was orphaned at the age of nine.Her mother died of Pneumonia while working very hard as a laundry woman. Her mom, my lola is a single parent left by her husband. They lived in the busy streets of Gagalangin, Tondo Manila. My nanay has a brother whom she was separated after the death of their mom. It was a heartbreaking event when her mother died and she was separated from her brother. That was the last time he saw him. She was adopted by a neighbor and her brother by a childless couple in Quezon City. She grew up in the streets of Tondo. She woke up very early to help her foster mother to sell fish in the market. She will always account the experience of selling fish and will tell me that “Mabait talaga ang Dyos. Araw araw ako naglalakad sa Tondo ng madaling araw pero di nya ako pinbayaang mapahamak sa daan”. Sure, I will never forget to nod and smile on her stories. Later, she got the chance to work for restaurants inside Central market. There she met my tatay. My tatay is good looking. He is an ice vendor in Central Market. They fell in love. When my nanay’s foster mother died, he whispered to my dad” Ikaw na ang bahala kay Lucy”, just before the last breath.  My tatay said “Opo”. True, to his promise, he married my nanay and started a family.My nanay’s journey continues. She gave  birth to a 6.6 pounds baby girl whom they named ” Ma. Lorna”. That’s me. The most difficult baby girl to take care of. Nanay’s next child was  a big baby boy at 9 pounds. He was named “Edilberto” .His baby boy was gifted with  a lot of grey matter inside the head. The next child was the her prettiest child and was named “Ma. Lorena”. The youngest was the bubbliest, a girl named “Ma.Lorelie”.  After giving birth to “Ma. Lorelie, my nanay got a miscarriage for supposedly a twin. My nanay has a colorful personality. She is very engaging and sociable. My nanay is a good cook. The reason why I never achieved a  vital statistic of 36-24-36. She feed us well and very frequent. Modesty aside, her cooking is comparable to the five star Filipino restaurants we have in the country. I remember her buying us the best pencil cases and bags for school. I got those nice magnetic pencil case who motivated me way back my grade school. She encourage us to attend “Katesismo” at the UST chapel every afternoon. She remind us about the importance of education and being responsible on our assignments.She fed us with lots of Magnolia Chocolait, Magnolia Fresh Milk and Kraft cheese. Shye never get tired of sharing words of wisdom  every now and then. The best words that I can remember and up to now is very vivid to my memory is her reminder about stealing. She used to tell us “Huwag na huwag kayo kukuha ng hindi inyo”. Magsasabi kapag may kailangan” Those words echoes in my mind up to now.Her words are simple, yet you can count her actions in difficult situations. One of the many instances I remember was when she offered her 10,000 savings for a chemotherapy of a neighbor. It was her last money but she did not hesitate to offer just to extend somebody’s life. She donates to charity regularly. Time flies so fast. And where is nanay now?

Nanay is 67 years old. She still has that happy disposition in life despite her challenging kidney problem. She still has charm that won many friends in her journey. She still has that unselfish disposition.She look a lot thinner than her old self but the charisma still shines through It is very unfortunate that she is having dialysis two times a week to clean up her blood. But as a strong woman as she is, you will never hear complains. Her face has still that authentic smile offered to everyone she meet.Difficulties are always replaced by her faith in God, her willingness to wait for God’s promise.

And as I reflect on how lucky I am to have a mom who is patient, loving,caring, hard working and God’s hand maid as always,I can’t help but smile.My nanay is someone I admire as she did well on the things I am short of. No words can come  close for the happiness and gratitude I felt for the nanay of my life. And my fervent wish, “May God extend her life more in abundance of His grace, in happiness despite of the illness and in deep connection with God.” To my nanay, my mom, my idol, my friend and dearest …..“I love you…Happy Mother’s Day!”


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