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How time flies? It seems like yesterday when my son Aldrin was born. Fifteen years and two months had passed when I knocked at the hospital’s nursery room sensing that he can hear me. He did. He reacted.  The feeling was hard to describe. It’s close to “amazing,” “wonderful”, “happiness” and “miracle” but no word can exactly describe what I felt. Though giving birth is physically painful and challenging, it is the most rewarding experience a woman can experience. Before I gave birth,I remember reminding my doctor saying “Doc, ayaw ko mahiwa ang katawan ko. Please help me to make it by normal delivery.” True to her promise, my beautiful doctor helped me out. I remember , my legs were tied up as I unconsciously close them when I see delivery room nurses gather around me.I am hard headed, no one was able to perform an internal exam on me except my doctor. In God’s grace, I gave birth after twelve hours of labor pains by normal deliver. It’s a dream come true fifteen years ago.

The years of being a mother to Aldrin put meaning in my life. I can still remember my excitement when I witnessed his first step, his first word, his first reaction to the classical music and the  milestones of his childhood. The day he learned how to read his first word just before he turned three years old never fails to put a smile on my face. 

Just two days ago,he reached another milestone by graduating in high school. I was thankful, happy and a little bit frantic as he will be entering college at a young age. Aldrin had turned out to be taller and bigger than me but he will always be my baby. To Aldrin, “Congratulations anak! Remember to pray and work hard to follow your dreams. Just do it. God bless you and we love you.”


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