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It is very annoying to hear the useless stories of hazing in fraternity. The recent death of Marvin Reglos is another case of death from the initiation rite of these   “brotherhood” groups. The pain in the eyes of his sisters, parents and relatives are indescribable. It’s too painful. Though, the composure of the parents is admirable. I do hope that they find justice as soon as possible.  According to members, they join fraternities to find a second family in school as to make student life easier. Fraternities are more common to students pursuing law. If fraternities are for brotherhood and finding a second family then why the need to hurt incoming members physically and psychologically?  Initiation  may be regarded as something that builds loyalty to the group.  But  I believe initiations can be modified into a productive sense.   It’s about time that the maters in fraternities modify the ” initiation” rites .They should think of something that will make the parents smile and proud, instead of making them deeply hurt with the death of their children. Probably, they can make the initiation to something that is intellectually challenging and productive to the community. Instead of investing on those paddles, why not ask the aspiring members to the something for the community.  If am the Bro or the fraternity master, I will give this task for the initiation:

Dear Aspirant,

Look around. Think, re-think and really think of an issue in school/community or country. Make a proposal on how you can solve the issue you have chosen or at least make a difference. Make sure that it’s feasible to finish the research proposal in a quarter. Approach us when you are ready so we can all witness if you will be our brother soon.

Good luck!

From ,

The Master of Brosco ( Brothers for the Community Fraternity)

These aspirants are mostly law students. With brilliant minds and eagerness to join the fraternity may produce productive if not life changing projects. Early in their chose careers they need to exercise those brains cells and maintain the balance through justice. Let the youth exercise their minds and their hearts too! Just maybe, this type of initiation will build problem solving skills, charter and love of the community and nation.What do you think?


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