Few More Days Before Christmas   Leave a comment

Three more days to go and it’s Christmas. May God bless us and make us better in 2012. Got some thoughts in my mind that I have written below:

Almost Over You

Listening to Sheena Eastons’  “Almost Over You..”..oh mushy!

My Lost Card

Yesterday, I got a call from Joy,  a bank new accounts teller. She asked me, “Ma’am, this is Joy of the bank, nagpunta ka ba dito kahapon and may naiwan ka bang card?”. I answered, let me check, “Nandito naman yong ATM ko”. ” What about your credit card?”, she asked. Then, I answered” Ha?  Naku credit card…oo wala dito”. I went to the bank and got my credit card. God is good, my credit card fell into the hands of angels 🙂

Green-eyed Monster

I met an old envious lady online this morning. She may be feeling envious,  so I prayed for her. It’s God who knows us well, who am I to judge? We will see in judgement day, what did we do on earth. Just a thought….God bless all of us…..


HTML5 is cool 🙂 Way to go……

Okidokie…God bless 🙂


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