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Yesterday, we were discussing about the Christmas decor in the office. Everyone is engaged and getting ready for the verdict on Wednesday. In IT dept., our boss suggested to use old machine parts. One of our colleagues made a Christmas tree and  a Christmas manger out of printer parts, mouse and cables. I suggested that I will make  the name tags for the three kings, Jesus, Mary and Joseph and another Christmas decor. I went home at around  4:00pm.

It’s Sunday, I wake up a little later than the usual. How wonderful weekend can be? I cooked and ate breakfast.After a few minutes, I  began to look at my old CPU and keyboard in storage. I got the mother board. I collected the bloated capacitors and short wires. I got illustration board, art papers, scissors, and glue. Ready?

First, I thought of making a quotation with Christmas greeting but changed my mind thinking that it may be “corny” 🙂 So, I thought of the simple message of Merry Christmas on the illustration board using the keys from the keyboard. Unfortunately, the keys will not be enough and the illustration board is short too. I think and think and think. Then I thought of “Love, Peace and Hope” These words are associated to what Christmas is or what the birth of Christ has given us. With these words, I chose “Peace” for its something I wish for everyone. I had some fun doing the decor. The Sunday with the bloated capacitors is worth it.

“Hey, hey, hey…it’s a beautiful day” 🙂


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