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I was in high school when I got hold of a PC…yes it’s Steve Job’s Apple II. It’s fortunate that my uncle is an electronics enthusiast and I had the opportunity to see the early innovation of Mr.Jobs. The keyboard is built-in with the CPU, no mouse to make life easier ,no sexy GUI to enjoy but a command prompt to type in your commands. You can do basic programming and games. The monitor was monochrome 🙂 During those times,there is also commodore computer, commodore 64, ATARI at the side. Technology evolved chapter by chapter. And as Mr. Jobs is part of it, many of us were saddened by his death. How can we forget his ingenuity, the best ever may be and his drive to his passion–technology?

Mr. Jobs’ life is an inspiration to the world. His humble beginning makes us realize that “Dreams do come true” with the talent, proper set of mind, hard work and positive attitude. His ingenuity, hard work and married life never fails to amaze me. As we say goodbye to a great innovator and the genius of our time….we include him in our prayers that may his soul rest in peace.

To Mr. Jobs, thank you for staying hungry and foolish….we will miss you…


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