Multiplication with the Gorgeous Prince   Leave a comment

Gorby, my nephew is here for the weekend. It’s always “happiness” to spend time with him. Well, I love children–they are bubbly and spontaneous.

Yesterday, just before we go to sleep, I was teaching him about multiplication.  I was not incline to ask him to memorize the  multiplication table, instead I opted to teach the concept. I want him to understand how the answers are arrived while getting use to manual computation. In a short time, he was able to understand what I am saying. I tested his ability by throwing different types of questions. When he is at 100% in his answers, I told him that he should not forget what he leaned and I will ask him again in the morning. I also told him my best motivational statement to kids, “Pag mabait at masipag mag-aral may premyo”.  We prayed and went to sleep.

When we wake up, Gorby went with me to buy “pandesal” for breakfast. Believe me, the “pandesal” in our place is the best “pandesal” I ever tasted  in my entire life. He is biking while I was walking. I asked him questions about multiplication. We seem to be playing while learning the concept of multiplication. It’s a success, he answered by 100%. And my prize? He brought the “pandesal”  and other stuff in his bike.

We ended eating our “pandesal” with fried eggs and chocolate drinks with all the teasing about learning multiplication. Such a blessing to spend the weekend with the gorgeous prince–Gorby!

Have a pleasant Sunday!


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