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Yesterday, I was a little worried waiting for Aldrin in Glorietta. It was the first time my son went alone from our place to Makati. I came from work and it was a relieve when I saw him… he made it! I asked him, “Ayos ba ang byahe? Hindi ka ba naligaw?”. He plainly answered, “Ok lang Ma”. That’s he–quiet. We ate lunch at Burger King, then proceeded to the activity area for the healing mass of Fr. Suarez.

The mass is at five. At 2:00 pm, the venue was half full. The song “Power of Love” was repeatedly played. It’s really God power to gather so many people in the venue. I called my mom to tell her that I was not able to reserve seats for them because it’s not allowed. I asked her to proceed to the venue right away so she, my dad an my nephew can be accommodated.

At the venue, I saw many aged in wheel chair, people having difficulties walking, kids, teenagers and families.It’s like a feast. While waiting, I heard a lady discussing about her troubled marriage. She was confiding to a friend about her retired husband who is a womanizer. In front of us, are two beautiful women who seemed to be contemplating. On my left side is a lady who is coughing hard. I was telling myself, “naku wag naman sana kami mahawa ni Aldrin”. On the rights side,the woman asked Aldrin to look for her seat. Mom, dad and nephew came and got their seats on the other side of the venue. Aldrin was listening music through his cell phone. Aldrin got bored waiting. I told him “Matuto ka magsakripisyo.” He stopped his tantrums and waited patiently. He saw Fr. Suarez when he arrived at the entrance. Fifteen minutes before 5:00, the rosary was recited. While the rosary is recited, an old man asked if someone is seating beside us. Aldrin answered “Wala po”. Some seats were left by people who can no longer wait. I want to call my mom so they can seat beside is but I opted to follow rules. I told the old man “kailangan po ata ng ticket.” He asked the guard but he wasn’t allowed to get in. I felt guilty, what if its Jesus Christ? I did not even asked the people in front if they have extra ticket.The ticket is free. You just have to secure it from the organizers before the date of the mass.I gave my extra ticket to previous ones who asked for it, I have no ticket left. I really felt guilty when I saw the old man walking away with difficulty in walking. To compensate, I saw an old woman sitting at the escalator (the escalator is in stop mode), I waved on her to point to the vacant seats and so they seated beside us. The old woman has rectal cancer and just came from her doctor, as she shared us.

The much awaited mass started. Fr. Suarez really has the features of a Batangueno. I saw him oozing with blessings and positive force. He started the mass with some priest including the Canadian priest whom I saw in t.v.He also has a number of lay ministers. The choir started to sing perfect melodies. Fr. Suarez spoke clearly and explained his points very well. Once in a while you will notice his Batangueno accent. His mass was very interesting with his sense of humor. He also told stories of healing miracles from his most recent journey. He shared his recent experiences with his healing masses in America. One of them was the healing of an autistic child in America. The child was not just healed but was recognized as one of the best in the class.On one part of the homily, he discussed about “stabbing at the back” He told us that he was a victim of “paninira” and hear says. It was an lively mass, everyone participating, saying “amen” and clapping their hands. The mass ended with all of us smiling and singing.

Next is the healing service. It was explained by the Canadian priest. It started by Fr. Suarez, touching the people in wheelchair. I witnessed miracles seeing some who were able to walk right away. Several cried for the joys of healing.Live testimonials with healing from slip disc, lung cancer, paralysis, breast mass.The power God gave hope to the sick. He is the ultimate doctor. I was thankful and uttered prayers more than my amazement. It was a joyful and positive experience. I remember my mom on the other side of the venue and prayed, Lord “Please heal my mom”. It was a moment filled with positive power of love and healing. Indeed, it’s God love and power.

We went home with the joy in our hearts. Witnessing God’s miracles of healing affirms God love and promise to us. Praise God! Have a God-filled Sunday everyone….


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