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How time flies? A couple of weeks to go and it will be September. When the “ber”months  come, we start to hear Christmas carols.I never outgrown the love for  Christmas carols.  It does entertain me and reminds me of God’s birth and promise. As the “ber” months are fast approaching, I remember  “October”, my birthday month. Oh no,can I exclude VAT from my age? As I reflect on what had happened for the past years, I can recall many good, funny things and some mushy things as well. One of the unforgettable part of life is my fondness to “Sweet Dreams”pocket books when I was in high school. I have a collection of these pocket books. I like the way authors wrote those pocket books–descriptive and easy to understand.Aside from seeing the culture of the western teenagers. From these books I learned to use the words gorgeous, green-eyed, great etc. and probably tapped the romantic side of me. As the years passed and I got older, I can still remember the words  but the romantic side slowly faded(a little). The “kilig factor” when I’m reading love stories is replaced by side comments.Few months ago, we started training with my employer. The training entails analysis of business cases from the n Harvard University. The program aims for critical thinking, to improve problem solving skills and to realize best practices in business. These goals if achieved may make better leaders. Among these business cases are two of my favorites-the IDEO and the story of Coach K.  I am amazed by how IDEO do business and how creative their people, processes and entirety of the organization. Being a basketball fanatic, how would I forget the story of Coach K? His strategy displays how positive reinforcement works. As I am looking at several HBP cases on my desk I realize that things change–for the good I believe. Have a great evening everyone.


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