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When something  happens to me, I utter the words “Lord, it’s not me, it’s You.”  When something bad happens to me I utter the words “Lord,

it’s not me, it will NEVER be You, it’s the devil.” True, the best and the worst things in life reminds me of how loving God is to us.

Many years ago, I was riding in a jeep going to work in Las Pinas.  Suddenly, I looked at my bag and found the hand of the guy next to me inside

my bag. I was furious. I told the pickpocket “Dinudukutan mo ko ano?” The pickpocket did not answer. He is tall, thin and has bag on his lap. I got

more furious when he kept quiet. I told the driver, “Mama, ibaba nyo nga ho kami sa pinakamalapit na police sttation. Itong katabi ko

dinudukutan ako.” Upon reaching Alabang Town Center, the driver stopped and told me “Ms. ayun ang police post.” I managed to say “Salamat

po.” The pickpocket ran going to San Jose Village.  I made the faster “run” of my life but to no avail. Seeing that I cannot chase him, I asked help

and shouted “Tulungan nyo ko”. God had sent me many angels in the persons of tricycle drivers. They chased the pickpocket and brought to the

nearby police post. I extended my endless gratitude to these tricycle drivers. The pickpocket and myself was brought to the Alabang main police

station. I was asked to checked my things and found out that I did not lost anything. A sworn statement of the pickpocketing incident was written

with my testimonial.  A lot of waiting happened until I was told that I need to file a case. At the MTC  Muntinlupa, I filed the case, paid the

administrative charges and paid a photographer for a shot of all the contents of my bag. I was telling myself  “Ako na dinukutan, ako pa

magbabayad?” I did not backed out. The pickpocket was jailed.  Feeling very tired and exhausted, I went to St. Peregrine Church and account to

God what had happened as if I was talking to my family or best friend. I went home and was comforted by my family. The next day, I went to

confession at Sto. Sepulcro Shrine. It was a face to face confession. I told the priest the story. The priest told me  “Bakit mo ginawa yon?

Pumapatay ang mga yan. Pera lang yan, kikitain mo pa.” I answered, “Father hindi po tungkol sa pera, isang libo lang po ang laman ng wallet ko,

Nagalit po ako dahil mali ang ginawa nya sa kin.” The priest did not changed his opinion, until he gave his absolution. I was relived.

In this Lenten season, its best if we can take time to go to confession to bring us closer to God. This will make us ready to face the good and the

bad times.


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