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If you are given the chance to ride in a time machine, will you take it? Sure, I will. And my destination will not be the past but the near future-2012.

Seeing the global issues early this year made me frantic to see next year. Some of the issues are the sprouting protests in the Middle East calling for new leaderships, earthquakes, the strangest weathers around the world, global warming and 2012 solar storm as predicted by NASA. These issues made me realize that everything in the world is in constant change. Never had I imagined the people in the Middle East will reach the point of showing protest on the streets to shout for freedom. The earthquakes and the strangest weathers may be brought about by the deteriorating ozone layer. Among these issues, the solar storm is the most unfamiliar and interests me the most.

According to researchers, a solar storm can shut down electrical systems and may affect electrical grid for a large part of the world. A solar storm can bring a huge amount of radiation that may affect human being entirety of living things. The radiation may cause cancer, cataract and other illnesses aside from the possibility of killing other living things. It is a result of what the scientist called “solar flares” and “coronal mass ejections” which generates solar wind, a gust charged particles which may slam into Earth’s magnetic field. The Earth’s magnetic field is a protection from charged particles. Recently, scientists found out that Earth’s magnetic field is weakening. The Earth’s magnetic field protects us from more cosmic radiations.  The strongest solar storm happened in 1859 which destroys telegraph systems in U.S. and Europe. In 1989, a solar storm knocked out power in Quebec Canada.  Scientists predict that 2012 will be as strong as the 1859’s. Considering the weakening electromagnetic field of Earth, the effects of solar storm is believed to be worst than the 1859’s. Researchers believe that a major solar storm can cause a widespread power outage. Can you imagine our lives without electricity? When the power outage lasts, a chain of problems occur like the disruptions in transportation and communication will occur, lost of perishable food, insufficient water due to distribution problem using electric pump, lost of medicines that needs refrigeration, bank transactions will go back to manual.

There should be campaign of information about the effects of solar storm to earth.  Such campaign has to be informative, realistic and suggestive of precautionary measures for the worst case. Improvement to infrastructure, electrical systems, communication to anticipate vulnerability to solar storms will help prepare for the worst. A watchful eye of the coming solar storm in 2012 will keep us away from devastation. Though the chances of major effects of solar storm cannot be confirmed, complacency should not find its way. As one family, all nations should be involved in monitoring and preparing for the solar storm. World organizations should take part in ensuring the safety of the people and all living thing on earth. The brightest scientist can never tell the exact scenario of 2012 solar storm and so it remains to be seen.


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