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The Philippnes is known for  its beautiful natural resources, world class citizens,friendly and beautiful people inside and out among others. I  may run out of words to describe my beloved PILIPINAS. Am I bias? Pardon me. Like any other country, Philippines is no exception to intrigues and issues. The recent RH bill has drawn attention not only of Filipinos but with the judging eyes of the world. With different opinions popping up, is the RH bill the answer to the issues of overpopulation and control of STD diseases?


By 100%, the Catholics will never change their position about the Reproductive Health bill.The church stand for the truth, revealing the teaching of Christ.For the Catholic Chuch, sex is sacred done with the blessings of God at the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.With marriage vows come great responsibility of having and raising God fearing children.The church look at RH bill as abortion wrapped with ribbons. The use of  contraceptives is envelop with other “health concerns”. The church believe that this bill promote sex without responsibility.


“Who is perfect?”, says the pro RH bill supporters. The liberal minds view the RH bill as a strategy in fighting overpopulation and the spreading of AID and STD diseases.That’s what they say.They believe that the natural way of family planning is passe in this time of modern age.They want children as early as in their pre-teens to be taught about sex education.


My take, the government and the church must reconcile and help each other to resolve the social issues. The church being the number one opponent of this bill must propose concrete courses of actions as alternative solution.They can suggest to coduct cathecism to all elementary and high school in the country to teach on “pro creation”–on how God want us to be. This intensifies values of the youth. They can also suggest the use of media in promoting chastity among youth and singles. If the people watch and hear advertisements about God’s conviction frequently, they will surely adapt the values being implied. In short, “brainwashing” on regaining lost values will be beneficial. On the other hand, the government must listen to the pleading of the church and be very careful in their decision. The government must see to it that they are leading people to be responsible, discipline and law abiding as how Christ want us to be. They must be very careful that they may be promoting disrespect to God’s creation while addressing the issue on overpopulation, STD diseases and other issues being reffered to.Difficult indeed.


At the end of the day, the choice is not the church’s or the government’s–it’s ours. Are you strong enough to hold on to God’s directives or are you up to go with the flow?Your choice.


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