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Good and Bad Times   Leave a comment

When something  happens to me, I utter the words “Lord, it’s not me, it’s You.”  When something bad happens to me I utter the words “Lord,

it’s not me, it will NEVER be You, it’s the devil.” True, the best and the worst things in life reminds me of how loving God is to us.

Many years ago, I was riding in a jeep going to work in Las Pinas.  Suddenly, I looked at my bag and found the hand of the guy next to me inside

my bag. I was furious. I told the pickpocket “Dinudukutan mo ko ano?” The pickpocket did not answer. He is tall, thin and has bag on his lap. I got

more furious when he kept quiet. I told the driver, “Mama, ibaba nyo nga ho kami sa pinakamalapit na police sttation. Itong katabi ko

dinudukutan ako.” Upon reaching Alabang Town Center, the driver stopped and told me “Ms. ayun ang police post.” I managed to say “Salamat

po.” The pickpocket ran going to San Jose Village.  I made the faster “run” of my life but to no avail. Seeing that I cannot chase him, I asked help

and shouted “Tulungan nyo ko”. God had sent me many angels in the persons of tricycle drivers. They chased the pickpocket and brought to the

nearby police post. I extended my endless gratitude to these tricycle drivers. The pickpocket and myself was brought to the Alabang main police

station. I was asked to checked my things and found out that I did not lost anything. A sworn statement of the pickpocketing incident was written

with my testimonial.  A lot of waiting happened until I was told that I need to file a case. At the MTC  Muntinlupa, I filed the case, paid the

administrative charges and paid a photographer for a shot of all the contents of my bag. I was telling myself  “Ako na dinukutan, ako pa

magbabayad?” I did not backed out. The pickpocket was jailed.  Feeling very tired and exhausted, I went to St. Peregrine Church and account to

God what had happened as if I was talking to my family or best friend. I went home and was comforted by my family. The next day, I went to

confession at Sto. Sepulcro Shrine. It was a face to face confession. I told the priest the story. The priest told me  “Bakit mo ginawa yon?

Pumapatay ang mga yan. Pera lang yan, kikitain mo pa.” I answered, “Father hindi po tungkol sa pera, isang libo lang po ang laman ng wallet ko,

Nagalit po ako dahil mali ang ginawa nya sa kin.” The priest did not changed his opinion, until he gave his absolution. I was relived.

In this Lenten season, its best if we can take time to go to confession to bring us closer to God. This will make us ready to face the good and the

bad times.


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The 2012 Solar Storm   Leave a comment

If you are given the chance to ride in a time machine, will you take it? Sure, I will. And my destination will not be the past but the near future-2012.

Seeing the global issues early this year made me frantic to see next year. Some of the issues are the sprouting protests in the Middle East calling for new leaderships, earthquakes, the strangest weathers around the world, global warming and 2012 solar storm as predicted by NASA. These issues made me realize that everything in the world is in constant change. Never had I imagined the people in the Middle East will reach the point of showing protest on the streets to shout for freedom. The earthquakes and the strangest weathers may be brought about by the deteriorating ozone layer. Among these issues, the solar storm is the most unfamiliar and interests me the most.

According to researchers, a solar storm can shut down electrical systems and may affect electrical grid for a large part of the world. A solar storm can bring a huge amount of radiation that may affect human being entirety of living things. The radiation may cause cancer, cataract and other illnesses aside from the possibility of killing other living things. It is a result of what the scientist called “solar flares” and “coronal mass ejections” which generates solar wind, a gust charged particles which may slam into Earth’s magnetic field. The Earth’s magnetic field is a protection from charged particles. Recently, scientists found out that Earth’s magnetic field is weakening. The Earth’s magnetic field protects us from more cosmic radiations.  The strongest solar storm happened in 1859 which destroys telegraph systems in U.S. and Europe. In 1989, a solar storm knocked out power in Quebec Canada.  Scientists predict that 2012 will be as strong as the 1859’s. Considering the weakening electromagnetic field of Earth, the effects of solar storm is believed to be worst than the 1859’s. Researchers believe that a major solar storm can cause a widespread power outage. Can you imagine our lives without electricity? When the power outage lasts, a chain of problems occur like the disruptions in transportation and communication will occur, lost of perishable food, insufficient water due to distribution problem using electric pump, lost of medicines that needs refrigeration, bank transactions will go back to manual.

There should be campaign of information about the effects of solar storm to earth.  Such campaign has to be informative, realistic and suggestive of precautionary measures for the worst case. Improvement to infrastructure, electrical systems, communication to anticipate vulnerability to solar storms will help prepare for the worst. A watchful eye of the coming solar storm in 2012 will keep us away from devastation. Though the chances of major effects of solar storm cannot be confirmed, complacency should not find its way. As one family, all nations should be involved in monitoring and preparing for the solar storm. World organizations should take part in ensuring the safety of the people and all living thing on earth. The brightest scientist can never tell the exact scenario of 2012 solar storm and so it remains to be seen.

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RH Bill   Leave a comment

The Philippnes is known for  its beautiful natural resources, world class citizens,friendly and beautiful people inside and out among others. I  may run out of words to describe my beloved PILIPINAS. Am I bias? Pardon me. Like any other country, Philippines is no exception to intrigues and issues. The recent RH bill has drawn attention not only of Filipinos but with the judging eyes of the world. With different opinions popping up, is the RH bill the answer to the issues of overpopulation and control of STD diseases?


By 100%, the Catholics will never change their position about the Reproductive Health bill.The church stand for the truth, revealing the teaching of Christ.For the Catholic Chuch, sex is sacred done with the blessings of God at the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.With marriage vows come great responsibility of having and raising God fearing children.The church look at RH bill as abortion wrapped with ribbons. The use of  contraceptives is envelop with other “health concerns”. The church believe that this bill promote sex without responsibility.


“Who is perfect?”, says the pro RH bill supporters. The liberal minds view the RH bill as a strategy in fighting overpopulation and the spreading of AID and STD diseases.That’s what they say.They believe that the natural way of family planning is passe in this time of modern age.They want children as early as in their pre-teens to be taught about sex education.


My take, the government and the church must reconcile and help each other to resolve the social issues. The church being the number one opponent of this bill must propose concrete courses of actions as alternative solution.They can suggest to coduct cathecism to all elementary and high school in the country to teach on “pro creation”–on how God want us to be. This intensifies values of the youth. They can also suggest the use of media in promoting chastity among youth and singles. If the people watch and hear advertisements about God’s conviction frequently, they will surely adapt the values being implied. In short, “brainwashing” on regaining lost values will be beneficial. On the other hand, the government must listen to the pleading of the church and be very careful in their decision. The government must see to it that they are leading people to be responsible, discipline and law abiding as how Christ want us to be. They must be very careful that they may be promoting disrespect to God’s creation while addressing the issue on overpopulation, STD diseases and other issues being reffered to.Difficult indeed.


At the end of the day, the choice is not the church’s or the government’s–it’s ours. Are you strong enough to hold on to God’s directives or are you up to go with the flow?Your choice.

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The Role of Media in Nation Building   Leave a comment

Many years ago, my sister and I went to see the movie “Beauty and the Beast”. I was young then.  I was very happy seeing Belle   in the movie –  from the movie theme song to how it was made. I witnessed how the beast was transformed into a wonderful creature by true love. I was imagining myself that I was Belle. Reminiscing, I recalled other stories that were read to us by our pre school teachers. These fairy tales somehow influenced me. In high school, I remember how we studied the works of Jose Rizal. Two of these writings were incorporated in the high school curriculum, “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo”. By the teacher’s regular discussions, interactions and activities  about these writings, somehow it synch into my senses. I remember when I was in mid twenty’s, I was given a difficult task. In one quiet afternoon, when everyone in the office was quietly working in from of PC, I mimic the lines of Sisa in Noli Me Tange…  “Basilio, Crispin where are you?” What about the television? One of my favorites was the commercial of Alice Dixon by many years now, the one with the “ I can feel it”. See, how flexible I am. I can be Belle, Sisa or Alice Dixon. No, it’s not about transformation or some sort of magic. It’s about the influence of media to me and to each of us.

Media influence people on how they think. Man’s thinking is the basis of his actions. Seeing the influence of media on us, it is high time that we consider it a medium in nation building. Media is a tool in helping to mold our people. Every Filipino is creative and we may not be aware that many of us are creative writers.  We can help in our own ways. Brainwashing as it may be but will be beneficial to the country. Below are the suggestions that my mind is asking me to share with all of you:

TV Commercials in molding our people

TV commercials about  the values we want to inculcate to each of us—love of the country, hard work, integrity and honesty, self reliance among others. The commercial must be eye catching and creative—something that can easily be remembered. And must be consistently played to all t.v. stations like every hour and everyday. This task may be a charitable work of t.v. stations owners-for the love of the country.

Reward System

Any good deeds that made a difference as well as exceptional skills must be rewarded. Why not televise the rewarding of these Filipinos? It will inspire others. Media is a good source of inspiration.

Inculcating Values

News papers, magazines, tabloids, books must have a section for inculcating  the values we want for our people.

Nationalism through the Internet

Philippine portals must encourage Internet activities that will slowly but surely inculcate the values we want for every Filipino which includes nationalism.

We can bank on the media in brainwashing our people to do what it takes to succeed. Doing our part and let the creative writers on us influence each of us will help us unite for a common goal. May we challenge the owners of TV stations, newspapers, publishing house, professional journalists and the journalist in each of us in using media as a tool in nation building? Go! Go! Go! Philippines……

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Communion of Saints   Leave a comment

In this time of the year, we remember our dear departed ones. More importantly, we pray for their souls. Our prayers as Church Militant help the souls of the Church Suffering (these are the souls in purgatory).On our side, the Church Triumphant(the angels, saints and the holy ones in heaven) pray for us.  This is what we call “Communion of Saints” in Catholic Faith.  God bless all souls in purgatory.

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